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Programs & Services

* All Services are based upon funding availability *

Case Management

Consists of coordinated assessments, planning and advocacy.

Rapid Re-Housing

Rapidly connects families and individuals experiencing homelessness to permanent housing. The assistance consists of supportive services and time- limited financial assistance.


Homeless Prevention Services are housing relocation and stabilization services and short and /or medium-term rental assistance necessary to prevent an individual or family from moving into an emergency shelter.

Clothing Voucher

SGPEH partners with Goodwill and Community Depot along with donations.

Empowerment Classes

Provided for the transitional Housing Program such as: money management; stress and time management; parenting; resume writing; job interviewing skills; computer classes; GED classes by MSW interns, volunteer and staff.


In the event of a crisis. SGPEH partners with other organization to assist with temporary shelter.


Local transportation and partnered with local organizations to provide bus tickets.

Support Services

Identification, Birth Certification, Unemployment, Social Security Card, and etc.

Mainstream Benefits

SGPEH assists with locating and referring applicants to mainstream benefits i.e. food stamps, SS cards, etc. Provide a list of resources as needed. 


Provide food survival kits, personal hygiene kits, tents, etc. 

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